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Bhunaksha Kalahandi is an online portal launched by the Board of Revenue Department, Kalahandi . This portal is an initiative to save the citizens from the daily hassle of standing for hours in queues to get the land-related documents from revenue department offices.

The online process is easier and not at all time-consuming.

Bhunaksha Kalahandi

Bhunaksha Kalahandi

Bhulekh is the record of lands and their ownerships. Governments of various states have now opted to create a web portal that contains the records of said lands. The records are completely online and available to the general public on the portals. The government of Kalahandi created the Portal Bhunaksha Kalahandi . The portal is available to citizens of Kalahandi to view land-related information such as the location of the land, owner of the property, and value of the property.

So in the article, there are the details of the aforementioned portal and how to check your land and other information related to it. The online portal is designed by the government of Odisha and launched by the Board of Revenue Department.

Bhulekh Kalahandi ROR

ROR means Record of Rights. ROR document is of much importance while buying or selling a land property. Before the online portal was put to common use, the ROR documents had to be transacted from the Revenue and Disaster Department. The process was time-consuming and involved filling many application forms and drafts etc. Following are the details that are found on a ROR document:

  • Name of the Owner of the land
  • Dates of Registration
  • Khatiyan number of the land
  • Location
  • Value of the property
  • Type of land
  • Area of the land

Overview of the Bhunaksha Kalahandi Portal

Name of the Portal Bhunaksha, Kalahandi
Document Bhunaksha (Map view of the plot)
State Kalahandi
Official Website
Information Required Name of the district/Tahasil/RI Circle/Village
RI Circle
Benefits Location of the land
Map of the plot
Plot Info
Availability Public

How are Land Records Helpful?

1. Land records are useful in checking both one’s own and other person’s property details
2. It shows the various details of the land such as: area, type of land (Agricultural and non-agricultural) etc.
3. Land Records are helpful in avoiding property fraud.
4. It also shows if there are any encumbrances (Loan/Lease/Stay Order/Legal Confliction) on the land.
5. Land records are used in Getting Sale Deed Registered
6. It is also required for Mutation done in one’s name.
7. Land records are helpful in making a sale of a property.
8. It makes checking the document for the rural populations easy so that they will not have to through all the trouble for trivial tasks.

Where to use the Kalahandi Bhulekh/ROR/ Land Record Document?

1. A certified copy of ROR from a District Revenue Department is a legal document
2. It can be used in all legal matters of buying/Selling/Transferring the land property
3. Bhulekh can be used to open a bank account in case one needs to get a loan against a land property.
4. If the land is agricultural, it will be needed in many dealings of agricultural aspect.
5. In a nutshell, Bhulekh/Land record are first proof of the ownership of the property.
6. Any conflict relating to land or property in general require this document to be presented.
7. If you want to keep the land as a collateral in case of any loan or lease, the documents are to be presented while making the deed.

Tehsil related information is available on the portal. You can view the information by following these steps.

1. Visit the official website of Bhulekh Odisha

Odisha Bhulekh Tahasil
2. Among the main menu click on ‘Tahasil Info’
The following page will appear on the screen.
3. Now, Select the name of your district and tahasil and click on ‘GO

Odisha Bhulekh Tahasil
4. From the status bar choose the type of query that you wish to make

Bhunaksha Odisha

Bhunaksha Kalahandi Online Map View

The State Government of Odisha has also introduced another portal through which the public can view the map of their land online. The portal is developed by the Government of Kalahandi .

Advantages of Online Bhunaksha

1. Online Bhunaksha are land/plot related info just a click away
2. They are time saving and extremely convenient.
3. Citizen need not wait for hours to get the informative copy from the district Revenue office each time they need to check on it.
4. Bhunaksha also have with them the complete information regarding the plot/Land
5. The name of the owner, The title of the land is mentioned on the bhunaksha.
6. Total area of the land and history of it’s ownership is available to public inquiry.
7. The type of land is displayed by the land map view. It shows whether the land is Agricultural or non Agricultural.
8. Bhunaksha is an easy way to avoid property fraud by selling or buying property that is not sold by the real owner of the land.

How to Check Bhunaksha Kalahandi Online?

STEP 1: Visit the official Portal of Bhulekh Kalahandi and click on the Map View Option or simply click on the following direct link for the Main page of Odisha Bhunaksha. Select the name of the district that your land is in from the dropdown menu.

Click on the submit button.

Bhunaksha Odisha Online

STEP 2: After you click on the submit button you will be redirected to the map of your district. Now, in the highlighted box enter your plot number and click on the search icon.

Bhunaksha Odisha Online

An Emphasizes plot map of your land will be displayed on the screen once you input your plot number.

Bhu naksha Odisha

On the left side, there will be quick links to other web pages such as ROR Front Page, ROR Back Page, ROR Home Page and Map report. You may click on any of the following links and you will be redirected to that page. To generate or download a plot report click on the link and a report in the following format will appear on the screen. You may keep the printout or download it for future usage.

Since the portal is publically available, you can check the maps of any district and any plot that you want to.

Bhu naksha Odisha

Why is Bhunaksha Kalahandi Important?

1. Bhunaksha Kalahandi online is important because it is an easy and convenient way to view the map of the land that one owns.
2. The Map also displays all plots of the same owner
3. So, If one individual owns more than one land in the same or different district than he may keep record of them in one place.
4. One can also check On the neighbouring plots and get information about them through Bhunaksha online.
5. Plot related information is also given on the left side of the plot map so one can check the information to see if they are all correct.
6. Plot reports can be downloaded as a pdf file for informatory usage.
7. Citizen of Kalahandi can save both their time and money by finding all the information at one place.
8. Bhunaksha comes in use in case of any legal conflict over the land
9. In case of any legal conflict where solution is needed instantly, the document serves as a primary proof of ownership
10. Citizen of Kalahandi can keep a keen eye on the ownership of the land by routine inspection online and avoid any kind of property fraud.

How to log in as a Department User?

Step 1. Go to the official website of Bhulekh Kalahandi
Step 2. Home Page will be displayed on the screen
Step 3. Look for the tab that says Department User Login and click on it
Step 4. You will be redirected to another page
Step 5. Select the District and then enter your User name and password
Step 6. Enter the displayed Captcha code and hit Login

How to Download Phone Application (App) of Bhulekh Kalahandi ?

Step 1. Find an Application Named Google Play Store in your Mobile Phone
Step 2. There on the search bar on the top type Kalahandi Bhulekh
Step 3. Upon hitting the search button a list of various apps will appear on the screen
Step 4. Tap on the first result
Step 5. Tap on the ‘Install’ option
Step 6. The application will be installed on your mobile phone
Step 7. Open the application and search for the information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download a Bhulekh Kalahandi Online ROR Document from?

You can download an Online ROR Document from the official website of Bhulekh Kalahandi . Fill in the required details and then print the document for future use.

Is the Online ROR Document legally valid?

No, Online ROR Documents are for information purposes only. For court matters or any legitimate use you need to get the original certificate from the concerned office.

Can I check another person’s ROR from the online portal?

Yes, the portal is for public use and anyone can check anyone’s ROR given they have the names or plot information of another person.

Are the maps on the Kalahandi Bhunaksha Portal Accurate?

No, they are for statistic information only such as Area, Location or Ownership. They are not to scale.

Where can I use the Online ROR Document?

You can use the Online ROR Document as proof of ownership and as it is proof of ownership and other detail, seller and buyers can use it to extract information

How can I check the Land related information from my mobile phone?

Search Bhulekh Kalahandi on the search bar of the Google Play Store application and install the first result.

Bhulekh Kalahandi Online is available for how many districts?

Bhulekh Kalahandi Online is available for all the districts of Odisha.

How can I download the Online ROR document on my phone?

Go to the website of the Bhulekh Kalahandi and first enter the details and when your ROR Document is displayed on the screen. Save both front and Backside as a pdf on your phone and print it.

Where can I get a certified copy of the ROR Document?

You can a certified copy of the ROR Document at the nearest local District Revenue Office.

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